midpoints traveler.rules

»Traveler on non-authorized mobile devices?«

Then we'll have with midpoints traveler.rules the solution to optimize your HCL Notes Traveler infrastructure.

For that we've developed an additional HCL Notes application, which extends Traveler.

»traveler.rules« enables you to allow - or disallow - specific devices based on realtime Black- and Whitelist settings. Just enter the username, the device id or the operating system name. You can i. e. allow iOS devices and Android devices (Android 3+), and disallow all other operating systems. Or allow the people of your marketing unit iOS devices, but not for people of the other units.

Or do you want a decentralized administration? Like having local IT staff in different locations/countries and you want that they manage their "own" users? Without having direct access to the Lotus Traveler server? Well - you can do that with traveler.rules.

What you need?

  • Our »traveler.rules« database, which will be setup in your HCL Domino environment.
  • We don't need to manipulate HCL Notes Traveler settings or any HCL template.

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