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»The HCL Lotus Domino based Sharing- & Sync-Solution!«

Also in particular due to the success of the iPad, many IT departments now facing the challenge to support Apple iOS or Android based devices. However, this will not be achieved by setting up HCL Traveler to provide PIM data on the mobile device. One question though, has not been answered:

How is it possible for your employees to access required documents like manuals, Brochures, minutes or sales materials on the move without sending e-mails by themselves?

An increasing trend is that employees create their own solutions for this challenge by using services like Dropbox, Google Drive or Evernote. Because of this, sensitive company data will be spread through Public-Cloud based synchronization solutions and so they are leaving the secure company network.

doc.Store was developed specially for this purpose. This security-oriented solution is easy to implement and highly versatile in its applications.

Provide an integrated & intuitive way for your employees, how the required mobile informations could be shared and synchronized.

And best of all: doc.Store integrates itself seamlessly into your Domino infrastructure.

midpoints doc.Store Notes

  • Sharing by using the HCL Notes client

    With the HCL Notes doc.Store Sidebar-Plugin the user access his provided storage-container. With these repositories it is possible to set up separated and shared areas for marketing materials, sales materials, minutes or general templates as well. Additionally, one own repository can be assigned to a user for private use.

    The content of the repositories are clearly displayed in a folder structure of the Notes client sidebar.

  • As simple as drag & drop

    By drag & drop the existing content like a pdf or a formatted text snippet can be assumed from the repository into a new E-Mail or open a dropped file via double-click.

    As simple as storing informations; just drop via drag & drop one file or one selected text into the desired repository. Done!

midpoints doc.Store Mobile

  • Sync via doc.Store mobile app

    With the midpoints doc.Store, available for free in the iTunes Store, you can access -after successful authentication- ease and secure the filled repositories and have the possibility to use your stored informations on the road.

    Per repository it can be centrally managed, if the informations are used just online - retrieved as required - or offline.

  • Secure mobile access

    The data is encrypted within the app, stored and managed in a secure container.

    doc.Store shows with its integrated viewer the main file formats (MS-Office, PDF or pictures) within the app. With the central administration it can be controlled to which defined, trusted third-party apps files can be transferred for further processing. This so-called app-crossing can be granular controlled, if required.

  • doc.Store Mobile Gateway

    The app connects via SSL with one of your provided and from the internet reachable Domino Server (like your present Traveler Server). Onto this system the doc.Store gateway will be installed as an additional component. The gateway is responsible for the synchronization and access the present repositories on any internal Domino Server.

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